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Main Street ExhibitionMusée Mohammed VI - Morocco

From May 15 to December 31, 2015, the Mohammed VI Museum (MMVI) of modern and contemporary art in Rabat will be hosting the MAIN STREET Exhibition. By organizing this exhibition, the MMVI will enable the public to discover all the aspects and peculiarities of Contemporary Urban Art, which have made its success as a mode of contemporary artistic expression in its own right.

Contemporary Urban Art, commonly called Street-Art, more popular in its form than other contemporary currents, is one of the major trends today. « Main Street » is a current panorama of this art, and will allow visitors to discover artists from different continents all linked by a common passion.

A selection of around thirty works will be exhibited, created by Adrian Falkner (Switzerland), C215 (France), Case Maclaim (Germany), Daleast (China), Kan (France), Maya Hayuk (USA), Miss Van (France), Ron English (USA), Simo Mouhim (Morocco), Thomas Canto (France) and Tilt (France).

Exit anonymity and stealth, these artists now have an international reputation and their creative aura is constantly growing. Today, we are a long way from the 60’s and 70’s, when this original artistic form of expression emerged on the walls of major European and American cities like New-York, Paris or Berlin. Evolving from simple graffiti or more or less developed « doodles » done with a spray can, the « graff » has more complex forms. Whether it be simply graphic or resolutely figurative, it implements diverse and varied techniques (stencil, collage, cuttings, etc.), thus attracting interest from an increasingly diverse public.

Urban Art has now seen galleries, public exhibition halls, auction rooms, International Fairs as well as museums all open their doors wide, without it ever giving up the street.

It is all these exciting aspects of Urban Art that the MAIN STREET exhibition, imagined and organized by the publishing firm Print Them All in collaboration with the National Museum Foundation, will highlight. This unique museum exhibition in Africa will also anchor the MMVI in its role of creative laboratory, conducting an in situ artistic experience in Morocco by proposing an installation by Thomas Canto (France) as well as outdoor works by Maya Hayuk (USA) and C215 (France).

« MAIN STREET» is organized in the context of the Jidar Festival, held in Rabat from May 15.

Text from the Print Them All website.

Kan-2015-2x97x146-Essaouira-Dyptique-02.1-41398Points-WEB« Beautiful Essaouira » – Dyptique (2x 97×146 cm) – 41398 hand-made dots on canvas