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«Paris Match, une histoire de couvertures»
Opera Gallery - Paris (FR)


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Kan - 2013 - mort d un president - 97 x 146 cm - 20983 dots« Mort d’un président » by Kan. 2013. « Grog » ink on canvas. 114x146cm. 20983 Dots.

Celebrating the 64th anniversary of French magazine Paris Match, in partnership with Opera Gallery in Paris, 19 artists paid tribute by revisiting some of their iconic covers in paintings, sculptures, photos and other mixed media. Participating artists included Speedy Graphito, C215, Blek Le Rat, The London Police, Kan, Dest, Paul Alexis, G.J. Plisson & Brusk, Andre Monet, Gully, Gris1, Brusk, Tilt, Hisham Echafaki, Ron Agam and Zeus.

View the catalogue here.

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