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«The Great American Icons»Group Exhibition, Opera Gallery Seoul (South Korea)


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Opera Gallery
13 March – 20 April 2014

“The Great American Icons” features Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, the forerunners of American Pop Art together with a group of contemporary artists who adopt the images of American pop icons into their artwork.

In the 60’s, Andy Warhol printed out his silkscreen works adopting images of Marilyn Monroe, the iconic figure of Hollywood and Campbell’s soup cans, a symbol of mass production. Roy Lichtenstein directly reflects the popular culture of the 60’s to art by faithfully reproducing comic strips.
Thereafter, the icons familiar to the public such as Marilyn Monroe, Mickey Mouse, superheroes, McDonald’s and Coca-Cola can still be found in the art of many influential contemporary artists over half a century later.
“The Great American Icons” highlights the way in which the 60s’ pop icons of capitalism and mass production are still the timeless artistic inspiration of 21st Century contemporary artists equally from the East and the West throughout the history.

Gérard Rancinan
Ron English
David Mach
Joe Black

Lee Dong-Uk
Romero Britto
Patrick Rubinstein
Mr. Brainwash
Willy Rizzo

Paul Alexis
Xiao Bai Art
André Monet
Daniel Angeli
Xue Song

Xiong Qin
Kan Da Mental Vaporz
Omar Ronda
Charles Jang

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