avril 2016

« Residence » Exhibition, Blo-Jaw-Kan – Villa Alliv, Marseille (FR)


For its new exhibition, the Villa Alliv invites Jaw, Kan and Blo, three members of the graffiti crew DMV (Da Mental Vaporz), to come and settle in the Villa. The exhibition will open its doors to public on 29th April for three weeks.
The artists will display their paintings made from a collaborative work, created in situ in the course of the month of April. They will unveils six hands painting techniques, a real pictorial blending.
For this exhibition, the artists have implemented no premeditated work techniques which foster the effects of the improvisation. Their instinctive and instantaneous method brings together surrealism, abstraction and image destructuring.
While Blo and Jaw create a painting with shapes and colours which result from an instinctive gesture, Kan makes the symmetry of it with his pointillist diagram and then covers it with a misty filter. The resulting image creates an optical illusion, the superposition of the coats reveals a surrealist landscape.
The huge art installation sets up chaotic shapes that sculpt the space; the different rooms talk to appropriates the paint each other, the place.

SouthCoast_BloJawKan_195x130cm_19324Points_1500x800« South Coast » (195x130cm) 6-hands canvas by Blo,Jaw & Kan ,19324 hand-made dots on canvas
VILLA ALLIV, 21 Bd de Tunis – 13008 Marseille –

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Urban Art Fair 2016, Carreau du Temple – Galerie 42b, Paris (FR)

Urban Art Fair 2016, the first international fair dedicated to urban art, will take place in « Le Carreau du Temple » from April 22 to 24, 2016.

Given the artistic, economic and social phenomenon that urban art represents, it is essential these days to see it as a deep cultural root for our societies and to dedicate a major professional and cultural rendez-vous to it.

Rising stars, historical artists, private collections, solo and group shows, institutional presentations, patrons and experts are urban art’s major actors and will be, as such, promoted by urban art fair, for the first time giving them the space for recognition and action that they deserve.

UrbanArtFair-2016-galerie42b-005Lek / Kan (x2)

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