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« Link » Group Show – Art Thema Gallery, Brussels (BE)


A French group show in Brussels

They are seventeen
Seventeen French artists, among the most intense of the European Art Scene, answered the call of the sculptor-curator Jak Espi.

Otherworldly paintings signed Charlelie Couture passed by an historical figure like Jérôme Mesnager or young masters of the SpraycanArt such as Brusk, Kongo BomK, Mist or Blo, the collective experience baptised LINK, brings a fragment of their creative strength alive, in the heart of the Belgian capital.

The curator
Jack Espi is born on 10th December 1966 in Salon de Provence. He lives and works in Pelissanne in the Provence, France.
No-limit artist Jak mastered resin. A modern material meeting its numerous influences, from illustration till Graffiti passing by the free figuration of the American Pop movement.

It is the first time the man takes on the organisation of such an ambitious exhibition: « it is a 100% hexagonal selection that will be seen at Art Thema Gallery » says the artist.. « I like the idea of highlighting a real delegation of our hexagonal talents in Belgium. This curating is a cross bridge between Paris and Brussels. A red wire around our love for sharing friendship and pleasure. More than ever these two countries share a common history, artistically and culturally and even more. Each artist will present 3 to 4 freely self-selected works.

The gallery
Art Thema Gallery, a modern and contemporary art company for more than 30 years, is currently running an a-typical exhibition space of 100M2 in an historical building in the heart of Brussels, between the ‘ Mont des Arts’ and ‘ La grand Place’. By offering this space with its dynamic team to promote the exhibition of LINK it unveils an opening to new artistic horizons as represented by this group of inspired and vibrant French artists.

Seventeen ambassadors of the hexagonal creative scene
Because LINK is a free card, an open and instinctive invitation: « historic vandals, wild abstractors or young talent of Urban Art… Whether masters of Graffiti or of contemporary sculpture, the seventeen ambassadors of this show will be the echo of the French artistic vibrancy in Brussels and beyond.

LINK is an exhibition realized with the support of Fermax. Fermax is a spanish entreprise leading the audio and video entry and control systems. In 2012, its headquarters in Valence changed into a huge (1 200 sqm) urban art show room, that became a reference among connaisseurs. Today, Fermax continues sponsoring manifestations in countries it’s established in. Fermax brings together technological innovations with young creations, while demonstrating its commitment as a socially responsible entreprise.

Link, from 15th September until 15th October 2016 feat Charlelie Couture, Arnaud Puig, Blo, BomK, Brusk, Cedrix Crespel, ColorZ, Éric Liot, Espi, FenX, Jaw, Jérôme Mesnager, Kan, Kongo, Kurar, Lilliwenn, Mist.





Art Thema Gallery
Madeleine Street, 51
1000 Brussel

T +32 2 514 31 73

Opening hours:

Thursday – Monday : 11 am to 6:30 pm
By appointment Tuesday and Wednesday

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Mystique ? – 912 Arty Gallery, Lourmarin (FR)


« Mystique ? » duo show with Peter Henri Stein at 912 Arty Gallery, Lourmarin.
From September 9th 2016 to October 9th 2016.






912 Arty Gallery
4, rue du Grand Pré
84160 Lourmarin

+33(0)9 81 35 88 40

Ouvert tous les jours sauf le mercredi, de 10h30 à 13h00 et de 14h30 à 19h00.
Saison estivale :
Ouvert 7 jours sur 7, de 10h00 à 13h30 et de 16h30 à 21h00.

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New Wave Groupshow – Galerie Brugier-Rigail, Paris (FR)


New Wave Groupshow at Brugier-Rigail Gallery, Paris.
From June 4th 2016 to June 21st 2016.

Line up : Gris1 / Kan / Kurar / Mad C / Monkey Bird / Cleon Peterson

Press Release in French :

04/06/16 – 21/06/16


/// New Wave ///
Avant tout collectionneurs passionnés, depuis de nombreuses années nous nous sommes intéressés aux acteurs majeurs du mouvement de l’art urbain. En créant la galerie, nous nous sommes attachés à présenter les mouvements principaux des années 80. Figuration libre, figuration narrative… C’est tout naturellement que nous avons intégré dans notre ligne directrice les artistes issus du Street Art. Ce mouvement avant commencé dans les années 70 aux États-Unis, puis est rapidement arrivé en France. Il nous a fait découvrir des artistes comme Speedy Graphito, Miss Tic, John Matos Crash, Jonone… L’art de la rue s’est aujourd’hui institutionnalisé. Ces artistes précurseurs sont aujourd’hui bien inscrits dans le paysage de l’art contemporain et il est évident qu’ils ont ouvert un grand chapitre dans le livre de l’histoire de l’art ! Ces œuvres, que nous pouvions voir dans les rues des plus grandes villes, sont aujourd’hui présentes dans les musées, les centres culturels et les galeries. Ces lieux ont eu l’audace de proposer en avant-première ces pépites artistiques à leurs collectionneurs. Il faut compter aujourd’hui avec une jeune génération et c’est ce que nous voulons vous proposer lors de cette nouvelle exposition « New Wave ». Cette nouvelle vague nous fait part de ses inquiétudes et de ses doutes au travers d’œuvres souvent ironiques, déjà d’une grande maturité et avec une technique parfaitement maîtrisée. Ce sont donc de jeunes talents que nous sommes ravis de vous proposer et qui sont nos réels coups de cœur : Gris1, Kan, Kurar, MadC, Monkeybird et Cleon Peterson. Des artistes à suivre avec déjà un beau parcours et que nous sommes ravis de mettre en avant aujourd’hui pour cette nouvelle exposition.

Laurent et Eric ( Galerie Brugier-Rigail )

Visite virtuelle :

/// Nouvel espace /// 40, rue Volta 75003 Paris /// 01 42 77 09 00 /// Métro : Arts et
Métiers /// /// ///

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Masters: Urban & Street Art – Galerie Laurent Strouk, Paris (FR)

Urban and Street Art artists are leaving the streets to exhibit in the Galerie Laurent Strouk from June 1 to July 15, 2016.

« This event aims to bring together major works of artists, French and international, iconic URBAN STREET ART, from the early 80s to the present. It will include the works of the following artists:



Urban art, whether celebrated or decried, is now considered an art form in itself. Represented in galleries, museums, and auction sales, it is now essential and promised a future. The aesthetics, provocation, poetry, political message, everything is there. This artistic movement that takes forms as diverse and varied as sculpture, stencil, graffiti, poster, mosaic, installation or painting is distinguished by an unprecedented, forceful approach: it communicates with the general public on socially relevant themes, while maintaining a certain aesthetic. Sometimes echoing childhood and games as the works of INVADER or KAWS, sometimes soliciting reflection on the socio-political context as the works of Shepard FAIREY (supporting poster campaign for the presidential election of Barack OBAMA) or BANKSY, urban art is both a call to action and to reconsideration.

It also heralds a new era in the world of Art. It is no longer necessary to enter a museum or gallery to access to culture: now you only have to walk down the street. The occupants of public space, in encountering these works are called upon to remember these visual signatures and questions. Urban art is no longer ephemeral but gradually defining the History of Art. »

See more at:
Galerie Laurent Strouk – contemporary art gallery – 2 Matignon avenue 75008 Paris, France


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« Residence » Exhibition, Blo-Jaw-Kan – Villa Alliv, Marseille (FR)


For its new exhibition, the Villa Alliv invites Jaw, Kan and Blo, three members of the graffiti crew DMV (Da Mental Vaporz), to come and settle in the Villa. The exhibition will open its doors to public on 29th April for three weeks.
The artists will display their paintings made from a collaborative work, created in situ in the course of the month of April. They will unveils six hands painting techniques, a real pictorial blending.
For this exhibition, the artists have implemented no premeditated work techniques which foster the effects of the improvisation. Their instinctive and instantaneous method brings together surrealism, abstraction and image destructuring.
While Blo and Jaw create a painting with shapes and colours which result from an instinctive gesture, Kan makes the symmetry of it with his pointillist diagram and then covers it with a misty filter. The resulting image creates an optical illusion, the superposition of the coats reveals a surrealist landscape.
The huge art installation sets up chaotic shapes that sculpt the space; the different rooms talk to appropriates the paint each other, the place.

SouthCoast_BloJawKan_195x130cm_19324Points_1500x800« South Coast » (195x130cm) 6-hands canvas by Blo,Jaw & Kan ,19324 hand-made dots on canvas
VILLA ALLIV, 21 Bd de Tunis – 13008 Marseille –

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Attention ! Peinture Fraiche Groupshow, Galerie 42b, Paris

Vernissage le vendredi 19 février à partir de 18h en présence de certains artistes.
Exposition les 20 et 21 février de 13h à 19h sans interruption.

La galerie 42b présentera de nouvelles oeuvres de ses artistes permanents et invités.
Avec ADOR – BLO – BROK – GRIS1 – HOPARE – JAW – Joram Roukes – KAN – LEK – MAYE – NEBAY – SEMOR









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Amerouge Exhibition, Lek – Jaw – Kan, Galerie 42b, Paris

Amerouge-Kan-Jaw-Lek-42b-NicolasGzeley_01Amerouge exhibition at Galerie 42b – Lek, Jaw & Kan. Photo : Nicolas Gzeley

Titrée du nom d’un cocktail mythique, l’e×position “Amerouge” présente trois personnalités artistiques et singulières que sont LEK,KAN et JAW.
Membres du collectif artistique Da Mental Vaporz et issus de la scène urbaine contemporaine, chacun des trois artistes a su développer son univers particulier.

Entre lignes graphiques, pointillisme et figuration, l’e×position propose la découverte de trois écritures distinctes, unies autour une thématique commune (le rouge) et en un lieu unique, tissant ainsi au delà des appartenances et des différences, un fil d’Ariane artistique, cher à la Galerie 42b.

Définition : [ AMEROUGE { A M A I R U Z } n. m – 2000-2007 ; DMV collectif d’artistes du graffiti • Cocktail au mélange subtil et savoureux de trois différentes saveurs • Devenu synonyme d’une exposition mélangeant trois incontournables talents. ]

Exposition du 18 au 21 juin 2015
Vernissage le 18 juin de 18h à 22h

Espace Leon – 68 rue Leon Frot – 75011 Paris
Galerie 42b :

Amerouge-Kan-Jaw-Lek-42b-NicolasGzeley_02Amerouge exhibition at Galerie 42b – Lek, Jaw & Kan. Photo : Nicolas Gzeley

Amerouge-Kan-Jaw-Lek-42b-NicolasGzeley_04Amerouge exhibition at Galerie 42b – Lek, Jaw & Kan. Photo : Nicolas Gzeley

Amerouge-Kan-Jaw-Lek-42b-NicolasGzeley_06Amerouge exhibition at Galerie 42b – Lek, Jaw & Kan. Photo : Nicolas Gzeley

Amerouge-Kan-Jaw-Lek-42b-NicolasGzeley_10Amerouge exhibition at Galerie 42b – Lek, Jaw & Kan. Photo : Nicolas Gzeley

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Humanity exhibition, Gris1 & Kan, Atelier des bains Geneve


Atelier des Bains gallery in Geneve will be opening two men show featuring Kan and Gris1 from Da Mental Vaporz crew (interviewed in issue #28). “Humanity” will include 5 new paintings of each of the artist, one collaborative piece as well as a piece painted on the wall of the gallery.

The theme of this body of work created exclusively for the show are human values and the ways everyday exposure to violence is influencing them. Through their distinctive style, French artists are depicting their vision of this phenomenon. Using fat markers Kan is dotting images taken from news channels, stripping them off details and creating pixelated screenshots of mainstream media imagery. Gris1 on another hand is combining different symbols, visual languages, mediums and techniques from urban and popular art, creating collages that form emotive images about the subject. The idea of exhibition is to invite the viewer to question the issue of violence that shapes up our humanity.

The exhibition takes place from May 28th to July 14th 2015.

Atelier des bains
Rue des bains 22,
1205 Geneve

08-Gris1-©TerezPhoto Credits Terez

03-Kan-©NicolasGzeleyPhoto Credits Nicolas Gzeley
Text from Very Nearly Almost

Bonus : Some photos from the opening

humanity-gris1-kan-atelier-des-bains-geneva-2015_8146« This is not an AK-47(1) » and « This is not an AK-47(2) » by Gris1 / « Fillette » and « Bankers Rebellion » by Kan

humanity-gris1-kan-atelier-des-bains-geneva-2015_8164« This is not an AK-47(1) » and « This is not an AK-47(2) » by Gris1

humanity-gris1-kan-atelier-des-bains-geneva-2015_8163« Strike » and « Lovers » by Kan

humanity-gris1-kan-atelier-des-bains-geneva-2015_8245« Fillette » by Kan

humanity-gris1-kan-atelier-des-bains-geneva-2015_8746Humanity exhibition opening at

More info…

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Main Street Exhibition @ Musée Mohammed VI d’Art Moderne et Contemporain – Morocco

From May 15 to December 31, 2015, the Mohammed VI Museum (MMVI) of modern and contemporary art in Rabat will be hosting the MAIN STREET Exhibition. By organizing this exhibition, the MMVI will enable the public to discover all the aspects and peculiarities of Contemporary Urban Art, which have made its success as a mode of contemporary artistic expression in its own right.

Contemporary Urban Art, commonly called Street-Art, more popular in its form than other contemporary currents, is one of the major trends today. « Main Street » is a current panorama of this art, and will allow visitors to discover artists from different continents all linked by a common passion.

A selection of around thirty works will be exhibited, created by Adrian Falkner (Switzerland), C215 (France), Case Maclaim (Germany), Daleast (China), Kan (France), Maya Hayuk (USA), Miss Van (France), Ron English (USA), Simo Mouhim (Morocco), Thomas Canto (France) and Tilt (France).

« MAIN STREET» is organized in the context of the Jidar Festival, held in Rabat from May 15.

Text from the Print Them All website.

Kan-2015-2x97x146-Essaouira-Dyptique-02.1-41398Points-WEB« Beautiful Essaouira » – Dyptique (2x 97×146 cm) – 41398 hand-made dots on canvas

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Graffuturism 5 Year Anniversary Exhibition, 886 Geary Gallery


International Group Exhibition

886 Geary Gallery is pleased to present Graffuturism 5 Year Anniversary Exhibition, a Group exhibition of International Artists.
The opening reception will be Saturday, March 14th, from 7-11 pm, the exhibition is free and open to the public for viewing through April 4th, 2015.

886 Geary Gallery will celebrate Graffuturism’s 5 Year Anniversary with an international exhibition opening March 14th. Graffuturism has exhibited as a group over the past 5 years in cities such as Glasgow, London, Los Angeles, Paris, Miami and San Francisco. Graffuturism has chosen 886 Geary to hold its anniversary show bringing together an impressive group of International artists to exhibit. Poesia has curated a lineup of premier Urban/Graffiti Art artist who have been pivotal in the development of Graffuturism the past 5 years, or who have been closely associated with the group.

Check out the Recap on Graffututrism website :




Artists exhibiting new work will be,

Aaron De La Cruz
Augustine Kofie
Boris Delta Tellegen
Carlos Mare
Christopher Derek Bruno
Duncan Jago

Jerry Joker Inscoe
Matt W.Moore

Remi Rough
Thomas Canto
West One

International Group Exhibition
Graffuturism 5 Year Anniversary Exhibition
Opening Reception – March 14, 2015, 7-11 pm On View Through April 4, 2015
@886Geary (
886 Geary Street
San Francisco, CA 94109

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