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“Under the wave” Group Exhibition
Molitor Hotel, Paris, 2014


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The mythical swimming pool Molitor in Paris, which closed its doors in 1989, became for 25 years the Mecca of street art, where the biggest names have succeeded, painting floor to ceiling, from the roof to the bottom of the pools. But this incredible place has now reopened in May 2014 as a 5-star hotel, where the two pools, the winter pool and the summer pool, were completely renovated. A project that is controversial because of its elitist approach and its prohibitive rates.

It’s in this strange context that the artist Balder invited artists of the French and international contemporary scene to re-invest the place, taking possession of the cabins of the winter pool. An exhibition entitled “Under the Wave” which echo to the creations of artists like Mr. Brainwash, Futura, Vhils or Blek le rat, that you can find in the basements of Molitor.
Among the artists invited for “Under the Wave” you can meet :

Text :

Kan-Venus-90x216-cm-27430-dots_01Molitor, Under the wave – Kan, Venus canvas ( 90×216 cm ) 27430 dots

Kan-Venus-90x216-cm-27430-dots_02Molitor, Under the wave – Kan, Venus canvas ( 90×216 cm ) 27430 dots

Kan-Venus-90x216-cm-27430-dots_03Molitor, Under the wave – Kan, Venus canvas ( 90×216 cm ) 27430 dots

Kan-Venus-90x216-cm-27430-dots_05Molitor, Under the wave – Kan, Venus canvas ( 90×216 cm ) 27430 dots

Kan-Triage-60x81-cm-7689-dotsMolitor, Under the wave – Kan, Triage canvas ( 60×81 cm ) 7689 dots

Molitor-under-the-wave-molitor-hotelMolitor, Under the wave – Molitor hotel

Molitor-under-the-wave-jonone-rolls-royceMolitor, Under the wave – Jonone, Cantona’s Rolls Royce

Molitor-under-the-wave-balderMolitor, Under the wave – Balder

Molitor-under-the-wave-kan-pinup-at-molitor-wall-paintingMolitor, Under the wave – Kan’s Pin-up

Molitor-under-the-wave-antoine-stevens-moskoMolitor, Under the wave – Antoine Stevens | Mosko & associes

Molitor-under-the-wave-antoine-stevens-shuck-oneMolitor, Under the wave – Antoine Stevens | Shuck one

Molitor-under-the-wave-remy-uno-blekMolitor, Under the wave – Remy Uno | Blek le rat

Molitor-under-the-wave-fred-calmetsMolitor, Under the wave – Fred Calmets

Molitor-under-the-wave-kan-triage-canvasMolitor, Under the wave – Kan’s canvas

Molitor-under-the-wave-one-teas-01Molitor, Under the wave – One Teas

Molitor-under-the-wave-Cadija-CostaMolitor, Under the wave – Cadija Costa

Molitor-under-the-wave-one-teas-02Molitor, Under the wave – One Teas

Molitor-under-the-wave-balder-canvasMolitor, Under the wave – Balder

Molitor-under-the-wave-balder-kashink-canvasesMolitor, Under the wave – Balder | Kashink

Molitor-under-the-wave-Danielle-Gutman-HopenBlum-canvasMolitor, Under the wave – Danielle Gutman-HopenBlum

Molitor-under-the-wave-kan-kashink-canvasesMolitor, Under the wave – Kan | Kashink

Molitor-under-the-wave-remy-uno-canvasMolitor, Under the wave – Remy Uno

Molitor-under-the-wave-remy-uno-rolecs-canvasesMolitor, Under the wave – Remy Uno | Rolecs

Molitor-under-the-wave-rolecs-canvasesMolitor, Under the wave – Rolecs

Molitor-under-the-wave-thomas-mainardi-antoine-stevens-canvasesMolitor, Under the wave – Thomas Mainardi | Antoine Stevens

Molitor-under-the-wave-mademoiselle-maurice-the-consortium-installationsMolitor, Under the wave – Mademoiselle Maurice | The Consortium