« London » Lithograph


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« This artwork « London » is part of my work on the riots in the world. At the time of these riots, I was extremely disturbed by the violence that came along with it. Who are these young people who have nothing to lose and ready to do anything? Including setting fire in London. If I had grown up with them, could I have a join them in their fight? The riots fascinate me and terrify me at the same time. Pointillism tedious process that I practice allows me to ponder all these questions… I also try on the other hand to pay tribute to the wonderful work of these photo reporters present during these events, and thus get inspiration from their works. » Kan


Edition size: 50
69 x 48 cm (27.20 x 18.90 Inches)
Paper White BFK Rives 270 g.
Lithograph 5 colors printed with Marinoni machines, hand cutted and hand finished

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